Everybody Street

This is a 2013 documentary about thirteen well-known New York photographers, looking at their photos and how they go about getting them.

Some of the photographers are interviewed, and we follow some of them as they terrorise the streets of the city, quite literally in some cases. One dude by the name of Bruce Gilden basically jumps right in front of people, camera in right hand, a flash in his left hand and quickly takes a photo of them before they realise what is happening, then walks off. You can see him at work here. The other photographers are not as extreme, some of them are quite subtle yet get some fantastic shots. A few of them have been roughed up, which is not surprising at all. One guy spent time with young gang members getting shots of them playing around with guns and pointing them directly at the camera, risky stuff.

We also meet Ricky Powell, you will recognise his name from the lyrics of the Beastie Boys song “Car Thief”. He was their photographer for a while, and considered by the band to be the unofficial “fourth Beastie Boy”. He also worked with Run DMC.

The photography by all of them is fantastic, really makes me want to go out with my camera and take some snaps in the central city. I might just do that.

The documentary itself is very well made. The photographers themselves do all of the narration and tell their own stories.

An excellent watch.

Date watched: October 6th
Score: 10/10
Film count 2017: 113

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