Arch Sum Inspiral Shamen

My music purchasing recently has taken a dip with only three discs and one download to report on.

The first is Inspiral Carpets’ The Beast Inside album. I had never really heard much of them, despite this album being released in 1990. Unfortunately though this did not grab me much, it just felt too ordinary.

Arch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band that I rarely see used CDs of. The lead singer of the band was Angela Gossow (they have a new singer now) who I consider to be the best female vocalist of all time, as well as one of the best vocalists overall. Good album this, lots of melodic guitar to head-bob to.

I have wanted to check out Shamen for quite some time, so when I found this I was chuffed. Pretty good stuff too.

Necrot are an olde school death metal band from California. After checking up on the monthly best metal on Bandcamp I found this band and liked what I heard, so bought it. I am very pleased with my purchase, paying $7 for a lifetime of aural enjoyment from this album.

Album count 2017: 93

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