Commodores: Caught in the Act – Album number two, from 1975, more funky than their normal pop stuff.

Elton John: Too Low for Zero – Released way back in 1983 this is album number 17 for John, cripes, he must have pumped out the records in the 70s. I’m Still Standing is the big hit off this. The cover has some nifty die-cut action going on.

Shalamar: Uptown Festival – This is a disco album from 1977, recorded by session musicians so a total cash-in. With song titles like Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo I don’t expect to be very good.

Captain & Tennille: Keeping Our Love Warm – I have no idea what this is like as have not listened to it, just found the cover funny. The Captain’s real name is Daryl Dragon. Dragon & Tennille is a much better band name. He could then dress as a dragon not a sailor for the cover shots.

Garbage: Strange Little Birds – Released in 2016 I’ve not had a chance to give this a decent listen, probably pretty good though, always liked this band.

The Temper Trap: Thick As Thieves – Another new-ish release I’ve not got around to fully listening too.

Rodriguez: At His Best – A nice little vinyl of Rodriguez’s best tunes, much better than the recent live disc I found. This is actually quite rare I’ve just discovered so another score!

Arcade Fire: Reflektor – I picked this up for $5 new at JB Hifi, but actually think I got it there a little while ago for the same price. Anyway, it’s a good record, not sure I’m going to get their new one, the marketing behind was naff and the single was annoying. Oh well.

Album Count 2017: 107

Here’s Shirley Manson shape-shifting out of a urinal!

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