Gaga: Five Foot Two

I like documentaries about super-duper people, it is always interesting to see how they live and to see how they spend their millions. It is also interesting to see how they became famous and why it is they are so popular.

Lady Gaga is of course a mega-star having sold over 27 million albums and a whole lot more singles, and makes herself even more famous by wearing some really wacky costumes. She deserves all of the buckets of cash she rakes in every second as this film shows that she has talent as a musician and song writer, as well working hard for it. She also has people following her everywhere all the time, not just her entourage, but also paparazzi and fans of course. There was one scene though where she drove a big old convertible down the street in Malibu completely unnoticed (she seems to like old American cars, although she also has a Lamborghini).

We also saw though that she seems like a normal human being with normal physical problems like everyone else (although she has chronic pain which looks to be rather serious), and uses the F-word quite a lot. She has few inhibitions (she was casually topless in one scene, and smoked a joint in another). She is a perfectionist in her work as we saw in a couple of scenes, and gets a bit miffed when things aren’t going her way, but she doesn’t seem to be a diva.

This was filmed during the making of her album “Joanna” and showed preparations for her performance at half-time of a big sporting event called NFL in Texas (some kind of rugby game). Unfortunately we did not get to see her actual performance, the film ended just as she started, but you can watch it here, it is quite impressive.

So it was an interesting look into the world of fame and fortune. It will be interesting to see another documentary about her in twenty years time.

Here is a good write-up about the documentary.

Date watched: September 23rd
Score: 8/10
Film count 2017: 108

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