More music catchups

Wilco: Schmilco – Another great record from Wilco, the title paying homage to Harry Nilsson’s record Nilsson Schmilsson. With tops cover artwork too.

Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Animal – Swap meet score this, Lou and his band blast out Velvet Underground hits and one of Lou’s solo tunes. Only five tunes in all but great stuff, most live records are pants but this is gold. The two guitarists on this would later become part of Alice Cooper’s backing band.

Edward Woodward: The Edward Woodward Album – Yes, the Edward Woodward sings. He released twelve albums of romantic songs, as well as three albums of poetry. I have two so far.

Rod Stewart: A Night on the Town – Have not had a to listen to this yet (probably never will), has some recognisable hits, and a funny cover.

Stevie Nicks: 24 Karat Gold – I got this from the library. Not sure why really.

Beatles: Abbey Road – Picked up another Beatles vinyl from my bookstore mate, this is an Australian pressing in near perfect condition of the 1969 classic. Above are The Beatles going back across the road.

Simon and Garfunkel: Live in Central Park – Another score from the bookstore, original double vinyl of Simon & Garfunkel’s comeback concert in 1981. Check out the guy with the huge chilly bin on the gatefold pic! I made a DL flyer for the bookstore guy, he gave me this and Abbey Road in return. Sweet!

Album Count 2017: 99

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