Catching up on sounds

The Ritchie Family: Arabian Nights – I mainly got this for the cover, it’s ace as you can see. These disco gals (who are not related) were active in the 70s/80s.

Soviet Army Ensemble – I got this for the cover, look at those pants! And what is that guy in the middle thinking about? Probably his pants.

The Last Shadow Puppets: Everything You’ve Come to Expect – Latest album from this mini-supergroup, not given it a good listen. And yes, that is Tina Turner on the cover.

Sigur Ros: Huaf/Haim – This is a two-disc compilation album, consisting of unreleased tunes and live tunes. The covers are pinhole polaroid photos. Nice!

Bruce Springsteen: The Rising – Op-shop score, album number 12 from Bruce, his first (at the time) for seven years, and first with the E Street band for 18. So corking good stuff.

Tim Buckley: Greetings from L.A. – I got his on CD a ways back but saw the LP for $5 so grabbed it, being a tops record and all.

Stevie Wonder: Wonderland – Another album I already have but saw it on vinyl so in the collection it goes.

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Willy and the Poor Boys – I think I almost have all of Creedence’s records on vinyl now. Sweet.

Prince: Purple Rain – This is my Fathers Day present, on nice heavyweight vinyl. One of the best records ever of course. I might have posted the below video before, but it is absolutely ace. Just wait for Prince to show the other guys in the band how it’s done.

Album Count 2017: 92

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