The Road to Guantanamo

This is a docudrama about three Pakistani lads from England that go to Pakistan and then to Afghanistan in late 2001. Their reasons for going to Afghanistan seemed innocent enough, but after a very harrowing ordeal there they ended up in Guanatanmo as prisoners.

Between interviews with the three actual guys, there were re-enactments of their stories by actors, one of whom was Riz Ahmed who played Bohdi Rook in Star Wars: Rogue One. Filming took place in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran (doubling as Cuba). Even the actors in the film were detained:

Wikipedia: Four of the actors in the film were detained for about an hour by police at London Luton Airport after returning from the film’s premiere in Berlin. Rizwan Ahmed alleged that during questioning, police asked him whether he had become an actor to further the Islamic cause, questioned him on his views of the Iraq war, verbally abused him, and denied him access to a telephone.

The treatment of the prisoners in the detention camp, if this film is accurate which I think it is, is deplorable and inhumane. There are still 41 inmates at Guantanamo, and even though Barack Obama tried to get the camp closed, it seems as though it will still be open for the time being… the U.S. government does not want any of the inmates to be transferred to it’s own soil.

The re-enacted scenes were very well done and with some actual footage of what went on in Afghanistan showed just how brutal and terrible both the Taliban and the U.S. invaders were.

Not an easy film to watch,. The Guardian has a good review here.

Date watched: September 14th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2017: 103

Banned poster on left:

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