Musical interludes

Putumayo Presents: Latin Groove – Not had a chance to listen to this. Probably alright those latin grooves.

Travis: The Man Who – I think I had this ages ago so grabbed it at the op-shop.

Pet Shop Boys: Actually – Got this on LP, it’s their second record with some pretty good tunes, contains the hit (What Have I, What Have I), What Have I Done to Deserve This?

Kingswood: Microscopic Wars – Some Aussie band. Not really listened much to this.

Rodriguez: Rocks – Live in Australia – Mr Sugarman with a cash-in live release. He’s pretty popular here.

Nana Mouskouri: The Essential Nana Mouskouri – Can’t go past Nana!

Wilco: Star Wars – How’d they get to use that title for their record? The band released this one their website for free for a limited time, but I missed that and got the CD. Worth it for the cover. And the music.

The Beatles: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – I’ve become rather friendly with the local second-hand bookstore owners, they have a little records section which I have been slowly depleting. Its gotten to the stage now where Kevin, the owner, lets me go through his latest stock before putting it on the shelf. Sweet. Anyway, I made a flyer for him and he got me this original pressing of Sgt Pepper, including the inserts and in very good condition. Its and Australian pressing, the cover was printed in the UK and got delayed coming out to Australia because of the six-day war! I also got the iTunes version of the 50th re-release of this, loads of out-takes and remastered. Top record of course.

Album Count 2017: 74

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