Le Quattro Volte

Italians really know how to make darn good films, and this one is no exception, especially as this is virtually free of dialogue.

It is split into four distinct parts. The first part follows an old goat herder who goes about his daily rituals but is very sick. With him is his trusty dog who causes a bit of mischief and provides some humour in the film. The second part follows a kid goat literally from birth, and again we are given a bit of comedic relief because kid goats are just so much fun to watch. The third part follows the final days of the life of a tree which is cut down by the village folk for use in some kind of religious festival (this was filmed in a very remote mountain village in Southern Italy). And the last part follows some villagers as they make charcoal, which is a very interesting thing to watch.

There is of course a lot of meaning behind these different parts which is all explained if you look it up, but it is not hard to figure it out yourself, and I guess each person has their own interpretation of it all.

The cinematography is superb and mostly involves fixed shots or slow moving pans. A scene involving the mischievous antics of the dog was done very well. It was just a series of right-to-left, then left-to-right pans, all done slowly and timed very well. I was also impressed by the dog’s acting, it did not seem as though it had been trained at all to do what it did.

Despite not having dialogue and being slow moving it was a mesmerising film and constantly thought-provoking, and just plain fun to watch. I will be watching this again some day.


Date watched: September 9th
Score: 10/10
Film count 2017: 102

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