I’m so behind in my music, so here is a very brief catchup:

TV on the Radio: Nine Types of Light – Finally got around to listening to this, I saw these guys live years ago, unfortunately I thought they were a bit pants so was in no hurry to listen to this, but it’s actually quite tops.

Underworld: dubnobasswithmyheadman – This is the famous third album from the MK2 version of the the band (the first two records were (synth pop), and is of course, tops.

Travis: The Invisible Band – I had this years ago, saw it for a dollar so why not?

The Music: The Music – Typical English band, these guys are from Leeds. This is the debut, two more records then they called it quits. Neat cover.

Violent Femmes: New Times – This gets bad reviews but I think it’s pretty good. Pleasantly surprised in fact.

Norah Jones: Day Breaks – Bit of a soft spot for Norah. And its free, good old library.

The Vines: Wicked Nature – Album number six from this Aussie band, double-disc, crowd funded.

Bruce Springsteen: Wrecking Ball – Album number 17 from Bruce, I got this on lovely heavyweight vinyl, two slabs of Bruce rocking it.

Iggy Pop: Lust for Life – I picked this vinyl reissue at a reasonable price, and by golly is it worth every cent. So many good tunes, Lust for Life, The Passenger, Success… and produced by Bowie in Berlin, it has such a nice sound to it. Good to finally read the lyrics to Lust for Life too, ‘That’s like hypnotising chickens’… Iggy’s second solo record, after The Idiot, also recorded in Berlin with Bowie, worth a read on WIKI

Album Count 2017: 66

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