Tokyo Ga

For my 100th film this year I chose this documentary by Wim Wenders. I remember seeing this on the shelf at the world’s best video rental joint a very long time ago, so long ago in fact that it was on video. So, when browsing for something to watch I thought this would be a worthy 100th. I mostly chose this because I thought it would be great to see 1983 Tokyo.

Unfortunately it was a disappointment. This is described as a documentary, but Wim introduced it as a “diary on film” at the beginning. It is supposed to be about Yasujiro Ozu, a famous Japanese film director who has been voted in the past to be the world’s greatest director by other directors. His film Tokyo Story is an excellent watch. But, Wim spends most of the time just filming random things in Tokyo, sometimes just long boring shots with no narration. One such scene was a small factory where fake food is made, or another scene of people shootin’ golf at a golf range.

There was an interview with Werner Herzog in the film, but the whole thing was completely in German with no subtitles, even though the entire film was narrated in English by Wim. Very frustrating.

There are a couple of interesting interviews with an actor and cameraman who worked with Ozu, and some of the footage of Tokyo was good to see, such as the rockabilly dudes twisting and shouting in the park. The rest though was could have been better.

I am glad I watched it though, but I should have stuck to my original plan for my 100th film: either a Monty Python or Star Wars classic.

Date watched: September 2nd
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 100

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