Some Stone Cold Beasties and other Gold

Last week there was a three-day holiday in Japan know as Obon holiday, a Japanese Buddhist holiday where one honours one’s ancestors by inviting them to your house and chilling out for a few days. It is not an official national holiday, but most private companies take three days off (public servants have to continue working). So we went on a one-night trip to Nikko to see the “Three Wise Monkey” shrine in Nikko, which I recommend visiting. Whilst there I wanted to visit the local Book Off to check out their CD stock. I walked out of there with a smile on my face and the following three CDs at very reasonable prices:

The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses
This was a good find as this is a superb album and I did not have it in my collection (I had it years ago). It also came in a unique cover that is “carbon neutral”, so it is made of recycled cardboard with the only plastic being the CD itself. However, it was made in the E.U., so I wonder how they made it carbon neutral when shipping it to Japan? I did my part though by buying it used. Excellent album of course.

The Beastie Boys, Some Old Bullshit
Another pleasing find as it helps to complete my Beastie Boys anthology. This is their earlier punky stuff, which is acceptable but not as good as their later work. As a side note, I have taught our budgie “Cookie” to say “What’cha want” after the Beastie Boys song on Check Your Head. He says it very well.

Goldie, Saturnzreturn
I was most pleased with this find as Goldie stuff is hard to find used. Unfortunately though this album is a bit overdone with the first track clocking in at 60 minutes long. The rest of the songs are shorter but nothing stand-out.

Franz Ferdinand, Tonight
Back home in Nagano, and after a somewhat stressful lesson with four noisy kids, I dropped by Book Off to get a fix. I have not listened to this yet though. I listened to another of their albums that I bought recently and was pleasantly surprised, so hopefully this one is as good.

R.E.M., Out Of Time
My recent coming out of the closet as a R.E.M. fan continues with this purchase. It has familiar tracks like “Shiny Happy People” and “Losing My Religion” (Wikipedia: The phrase “losing my religion” is an expression from the southern region of the United States that means losing one’s temper or civility, or “being at the end of one’s rope.”), so is one of their most mainstream releases. Upon listening to it though I think I will really dig it.

Andrew W.K., Close Calls With Brick Walls
I had been wanting to get an Andrew W.K. album for some time, but was a bit apprehensive. But, this was cheap and I thought I may as well give it a go. Big mistake unfortunately as this is very mediocre and forgettable. I still wouldn’t mind getting his first album, but not any of the others. Reviews for this on the Internet though are generally positive.

Vans Warped Tour ’05
This is the 10th Warped Tour compilation, of which I have none of the others. It is a double CD with 50 tracks in all, mostly from bands I have never heard of, but a few familiar names like Dropkick Murphys, MXPX, The Academy Is… (one of my all time second-tier fave bands), and Pennywise. I just got this today, James and I cycled to Mandai where I bought this, a nice ride although the rear tyre on my racing bike is making a weird noise which I couldn’t identify… have to fix that. The 2017 Warped Tour included Anti-Flag , the guitarist of which appears on this very compilation.

Sum 41, Happy Live Surprise
This is a Japan release of Sum 41 recorded live in London, Ontario in 2005. It also has a DVD which I am looking forward to watching. This was priced cheaply due to “scratches”, however I cannot see any on either disc at all. There are a few scratches on the label side of the CD, so perhaps that is what they mean. I am listening to this as I type, and it is entertaining, their banter between songs is silly fun.

Addendum: While listening to this I thought it all was very familiar. Turns out this is the same album as their “Go Chuck Yourself” album, but was re-packaged in Japan “due to controversy at the time” according to Wikipedia. Oh well, I got a bonus DVD out of it at least.

Sum 41, Half Hour Of Power
This is labeled as an extended EP, but is really an album I would say (11 tracks), and so might be considered their first album. Unlistened to at this point, but it will be what is expected.

Music count 2017: 89

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