The Upturned Glass

I watched this primarily because it starred James Mason, who is on the MBMS Page of Fame for good reason. He also co-produced this film, which when it came out in 1947 was a success, so he would have done very well for himself.

It is the story of a surgeon who falls in love with a married woman even though he too was married. She dies though in what seemed to be suicide, but he is convinced she was murdered and sets out to get revenge on the killer. The story is quite routine for the most part, but James’ acting is what makes the whole thing worth watching, he was most splendid. The ending was pretty good though, his character realises that he is a nutjob psycho, so he throws himself off the White Cliffs of Dover, which I must go and see some day.

Even though this film is seventy years old now the picture and sound were both very good, even on YouTube.

Reading up about James Mason I found some interesting facts:
– He was a conscientious objector in World War Two.
– He never had any formal acting classes.
– He was a mentor to Sam Neill in the 1970’s.
– He loved cats and had quite a few of them.
– In 1952 he bought a house that had previously been owned by Buster Keaton. In the house he found lots of old nitrate films which he had transferred to safety stock. One of these films was “The Boat”. Yay James Mason!
– He had a son named Morgan Mason who would go on to be “Special Assistant to the President of the United States” (Ronald Reagan), and is married to Belinda Carlyle (she was the drummer in The Germs as “Dottie Danger” for a short time don’t you know?).
– He and his wife allowed their daughter to smoke cigarettes at age three, and their son to drink beer at age five.

From Wikipedia: She (daughter) enjoyed a luxurious upbringing in her parent’s Hollywood mansion, being allowed to wear makeup, stiletto heels and owning her own Mink coat and diamonds by the age of nine. Her highly publicized life began with her father becoming violent towards a photographer at the little girl’s christening. When she attended high-school, Mason was dropped off every morning by a Rolls-Royce and picked up every evening by a white Cadillac. Reportedly, her father introduced her to smoking at the age of three in hope it would put her off it in later life.

He died in 1984 at the age of 75.

I wouldn’t say this is an essential watch as far as the story goes, but it is worth it for James alone.

Date watched: August 23rd
Score: 7/10
James-O-Mason score: 9/10
Film count 2017: 94

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