Stark Fear

Netflix is not that great for watching films, just TV series, so I have been going back to YouTube to watch quality old films. This film though is supposedly a grindhouse film so not much was to be expected.

And it was pretty bad stuff. It was cheaply made, and cheaply acted, but the worst was the story which at times seemed rather random. Basically the story was about a husband who thought his wife (Ellen) was cheating with his former business acquaintance (Joe), so he sets about getting a divorce in Mexico (not sure what that was about, some kind of loophole or something), and also plots to have her killed (it turned out later that his mother whose name was Ellen, abused him as a child, so he married an Ellen to get some kind of twisted revenge on his mother). Ellen though still loved him and when his boss tells her he must return to work or he will be fired, she sets about finding him. This leads us on a bizarre journey to his hometown which is populated by psycho-country bumpkins, so she gets into all kinds of trouble. To cut a long story short, she has some inner tormoil about her life, then gets talked into going to Joe by her friend so they can live happily ever after (“You have to get on that plane and go to him”!).

Ellen was played by an actress named Beverly Garland who looked familiar but I couldn’t place her. Turns out she was in My Three Sons and Scarecrow and Mrs. King, although I didn’t really watch either of those, just in passing maybe.

There isn’t really much going for this, if anything. It wasn’t terrible, I have seen worse, but I should have watched another western instead.

Date watched: August 11th
Score: 3/10
Film count 2017: 89

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