Looking For Johnny

While I like Johnny Thunders’ music, I knew very little about him, so when I saw this on Netflix I decided it had to be watched.

This Indiegogo-funded film was very well done I must say, with plenty of archive footage and interviews from many of the main people involved in the bands Johnny was in as well as friends and family. I was surprised to learn that he spent quite a lot of time in England, France, and Holland during his musical career, mostly his solo days.

Unfortunately the drugs really took hold of him, really messing him up, yet he was still able to perfom and continue to write great music. Iggy Pop was a major reason for his cocaine addiction, he was the first to introduce him to the stuff according to the filmmakers.

A great piece of music history well worth learning about if you are so inclined.

Date watched: August 7th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2017: 87

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