Colour Me Kubrick

This is a British/French comedy about an actual dude who impersonated Stanley Kubrick right up until his death just three months before Stanley’s death in 1999.

John Malkovich plays Alan Conway, and he was as fantastic as you would expect. The rest of the cast were excellent too, and had a lot of familiar faces from British TV and film, including Richard E. Grant, Peter Sallis, and Peter Bowles.

Unfortunately the story did very little. About 20 minutes in I was wondering where the film was going as it was just following Alan as he impersonated Stanley and conned various people. That is basically 90% of the film, with the last act wrapping up the story with one last big con and the fallout from that.

What saved it from doom though was John Malkovich who was superb and very funny, as usual. There were very few scenes without him.

It was well made and shot, but the story really needed more work, but true stories must be hard to do, especially if you have to make it a comedy. The Wikipedia page about Conway is very brief.

Still, this is worth a watch just for Malkovich alone.

Date watched: August 4th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2017: 86

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