Seven Silver Platters and a Download Later…

The hoarding of music continues with the purchase of the following albums, in no particular order.

Robbie Williams, The Ego Has Landed
I do like a good catchy pop tune every now and then, and Robbie delivers with songs like “Millennium”, “Strong”, and “Let Me Entertain You”. Good on ya Robbo!

Teenage Fanclub, Grand Prix
T.F. are one of my all-time fave bands, not up there with Carcass, David Bowie, Dinosuar Jr., or Manic Street Preachers, but close enough. This was on my list of albums I need to buy again (I had this years ago), so when I saw it used for cheaps I bought it right there and then. Priceless.

Yukari Fresh, Yukari’s Perfect
Yukari Fresh is a Shibuya-kei musician. I have a couple of her other albums which I find to be catchy and always fun. I have not listened to this yet, but I am sure it will be more of the same.

Guns N’ Roses, Appetite For Destruction
I was reading about this album recently, about how it was quite the revelation in the day, and how brilliant it was etcetera. I remember when this came out and several songs were on constant radio play, all those 30 years ago. I outwardly hated this band in the day because I was into alternative, metal, and reggae, but inwardly I found some of the songs to be just too darn catchy so when they came on the radio I inwardly grooved along. Anyway, I saw this cheap and thought “what the heck” and bought it. No regrets.

Goldie, Timeless
I have been looking out for a Goldie album for some time, but had not seen one used. Finally last weekend I hit gold with this album at only 210 yen (the price of two kiwifruits here… expensive), so I grabbed it before someone else came along. This album is actually a significant one as it is a “groundbreaker in the history of drum and bass music” according to Wikipedia. It is indeed a great album if you like drum and bass, which I do quite a lot.

No Use For A Name, Hard Rock Bottom
I have heard this band before, on various Punk-O-Rama compilations, so when I saw this album I had no qualms in buying it. It is quite poppy punk stuff, a bit more poppy than I was expecting, but it is decent enough.

Punk-O-Rama, Volume 3
I chanced upon this Punk-O-Rama compilation album at Book Off recently, and as I don’t have it yet was rather pleased. It has 25 songs on it which makes it a good deal at 11.2 yen per song. Many of the bands on it are staples of the Punk-O-Rama series, but there are a few bands I have not heard before. I have only three more in the series to get before I have all ten, then a small chunk of my life is complete.

Jenova 7, Soul For Sale
I was on my fave website, Last.FM, just following links and came across this trip-hop guy. So, I went over to Bandcamp and found this album and decided to buy it. Glad I did.

Album count 2017: 80

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