Music roundup

I’m way behind on my music, these few will make a tiny dent:

Bic Runga: Belle – Album number four, and a short one at 33 minutes. Exactly what you would expect it is too.

Tricky: Vulnerable – This is from 2003, ages ago! Sounds great though. Tricky only mumbles here and there on this, he’s employed a female singer to do most of the work.

Interpol: Antics – This band is tops, always a good listen.

The National: Trouble Will Find Me – Typical English band this, sound like most other English bands to me. Which is not a bad thing. Great cover!

Tony Bennett: Celebrates 90 – 90 and still going, Go Tony.

Duran Duran: Rio – My friend had two copies of this LP so he gave me one, I probably would have bought this if I saw it for under $5, it’s not a bad listen, dated but a toe-tapping laugh.

Alan Fears: Poor Quality – A new release from Mr Fears, and toe-tappingly good it is. I have had this on high rotation.

Album Count 2017: 57

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