Blue Ruin

This is on Netflix, in the “Cannes Winners” category, so I thought it was worth a watch. And reading up about this on the interwebs I found that it was partly funded through Kickstarter.

In the main role was a chap named Macon Blair who also produced the film, and it was directed and written by Jeremy Saulnier. Both of them had been making films since they were kids. Macon was brilliant as a meek but revenge-thirsty homeless dude, out to avenge the deaths of his parents. The story is quite simple and slow at first, with the back story slowly revealed until the climax where things pick up, along with a few small twists.

Eve Plumb who was one of the Brady Bunch kids turns up near the end, playing a rather nasty family member of the killer’s violent family.

Brilliant stuff, and for a budget of only US$420,000 it is even more impressive. The cinematography was excellent, and it had a good soundtrack too.

Date watched: July 28th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2017: 83

The poster likens it to a Coen Brother’s film, which I think is a fair comparison.

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