St. Vincent

This is a film recommended to watch on Netflix on this website.

Another reason to watch this is because of Bill Murray, can’t go wrong with Bill. Naomi Watts also had a role as his Russian stripper lady friend, and I did not realise it was her until the end credits. She was great, as was the boy in the film.

The story though was quite unoriginal, and it gets a bit soppy and sentimental just a bit too often. But, Bill saves the day with his fine acting, which at times is devoid of humour, but as we know Bill does drama quite well. All of the acting is superb actually. Bill was the highlight though, just watching him as the end credits roll as he waters a plant was pure entertainment.

Date watched: July 23rd
Score: 7/10
Film count 2017: 81

The poster overdoes it a bit.

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