A few weeks back I started my one month free trial of Netflix, which so far is worth continuing just for the excellent selection of TV series to watch (I am watching Narcos at the moment, as well as a two-part series about Frank Sinatra).

Browsing through the “Classics” category I came across this film (there is no “Cult” category on Netflix, which is where this film should be), a film I have been wanting to watch for some time.

It was pretty much what I imagined what it would be, and while some of the jokes where a bit silly, I enjoyed it. The acting was at times amateurish, but the dialogue and acting by the main cast was funny and despite being set mostly inside a convenience store, was not dull.

This was shot on a US$27,575 budget, and was filmed in the actual convenience and video rental stores that director Kevin Smith worked in.

There is a sequel, but I can’t find it on Netflix.

Date watched: July 21st
Score: 8/10
Film count 2017: 79

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