Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me

I felt like watching a music documentary and came across this on Netflix.

It follows Glen Campbell and his family as they do a final tour in the U.S., and tells the story of his Alzheimer’s disease. There is some past history told throughout as well, and he was a much bigger star back in the day than I thought. It was interesting to know that he was a respected session musician, and that he filled in for Brian Wilson:

From December 1964 to early March 1965, Campbell was a touring member of The Beach Boys, filling in for Brian Wilson.[9] He also played guitar on the band’s Pet Sounds (1966) album, among other recordings. On tour, he played bass guitar and sang falsetto harmonies. – Wikipedia

His Alzheimer’s got progressively worse throughout the documentary, but what was impressive was that he didn’t forget how to play guitar, which he was an ace at. He needed a teleprompter for the lyrics sometimes though. On tour with him were two of his sons and his daughter, all superb musicians too. I was impressed with the whole band, they were very professional and seemed to play flawlessly.

The documentary was very well told and filmed, no complaints at all.

This was released two years ago, so I checked up on him to see how he is now. He is now in a “memory care facility” and is in the late stages of the disease. He cannot communicate at all, but his daughter says he is happy.

Excellent stuff, even if it is hard to watch at times.

Date watched: July 16th
Score: 10/10
Film count 2017: 78

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