John Wick

After reading Paul’s review for this I decided I had to see it for myself. It was exactly as he described.

I didn’t really know what to make of the whole thing. It was just John Wick killing Russian mafia henchman after henchman, often killing them by shooting them in the head, or killing them then shooting them in the head just to make sure. All this because someone stole his car, killed his dog, and murdered his wife (actually she died of an illness, but in John’s demented mind he probably figured it was the Russian mafia that did it).

It was sylishly filmed and there was some great lighting in some scenes. It had the usual car chase here and there, but was pretty much devoid of humour. Keanu was fine, I kind of like the guy, and the rest of the cast were also pretty good. But, there was little point to the whole thing except watching people get shot or bust each other up in fisticuffs.

It was good to see John Leguizamo and David Patrick Kelly.

All in all though, I did find it entertaining. The sequel is out now, so I will check that out when it comes out on Netflix.

Date watched: July 8th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2017: 77

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