The Miami Story

Mob crime even back in 1954 seemed to be bad enough in Miami that even the film studios got in on the action.

The film starts off with a narrator, who talked in a very authoritative voice throughout the film, explaining that crime in Miami was pretty bad until the city decided to mop up crime. We then meet an actual U.S. Senator sitting behind his desk telling us that crime in Miami is a thing of the past because of the fine job the cops and good citizens of Miami are doing to rid the place of Tony Montanas.

“Crime is a thing of the past here in Miami!”

The story starts off with the assassination of two Cubans as they stepped off a flight from Havana.

A bit excessive with the tomato sauce!

We then meet Tony Brill, a dirty nightclub owner who the city want to arrest because of all the illegal stuff he is doing, but is too crafty to make a mistake and get busted. He has a pretty good scam going, and with the help of his right-hand man is raking in the dough, and has plenty of pretty ladies. He was the guy who ordered the killings of the Cubans as he thought they were moving into his territory.

Tony Brill (no nickname)

An ex-convict, with the most excellent name of Mick Flagg, was a real savvy dude in the world of crime until he went straight, is coerced by a group of influential citizens of Miami into taking down Tony and his organisation for once and for all. With the help of the police and a posse of Cuban henchmen he sets about his plan, which of course is cunning, efficient, and involves a dame or two. Of course there are a few problems he has to overcome such as the kidnapping of his son by Tony, but with quick thinking and pure brawn he saves the day and gets a new wife out of it all.

Mick Flagg and son.

Overall the story was pretty standard but moved along nicely and had a few 1950’s style thrills. The acting was a bit wooden, along with the direction and cinematography. But, it was only 75 minutes long, and it was interesting to see 1950’s Miami which seemed to be quite a happening and prosperous place even back then.

Date watched: June 29th
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2017: 73

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