Shield for Murder

I am back to watching film noir with this 1954 bad cop film.

The story starts with bad cop shooting a bookie in the back, then nicking off with the twenty-five large ones he knew the bookie had on him. What he didn’t realise was a deaf mute saw the whole thing from the window of his apartment.

The story then followed bad cop, his girlfriend, and a junior cop who worshipped bad cop but suspected something dirty was afoot. The story moved along quite well, and the tension built up quite well, culminating in a good ol’s car chase and final shootout.

There was one scene which was surprisingly violent. Bad cop beat up two private detectives by bashing their heads with his bare hands, over and over. We didn’t see him actually hitting them, just his hands going up and down, but for the fifties this must have been quite brutal.

The acting was pretty good on the whole, a bit stiff at times, but decent enough. And it was a who’s who of younger versions of actors of the fifties, sixties, and beyond. Here are some of the faces you may recognise…

Carolyn Jones, as her Addams Family character in this photo

Claude Atkins

William Schallert

Edmond O’Brien played bad cop. Not a familiar face, but he had quite the career

A worthy watch.

Date watched: June 25th
Score: 7.5/10
Film count 2017: 72

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