Ringo & Billy

Billy Preston: I Wrote a Simple Song – This is a freebie I picked up at a local bookstore, Billy is probably most famous for playing with The Beatles. This was released in 1971 and is in a pretty ratty state, but Billy is looking pretty cool on the cover.

Ringo Starr: Ringo – Like the Billy Preston record, I got this for free off my pal at the second-hand bookstore here in Dubbo, I’ve become quite chummy with him and he has an excellent record collection which he is slowly selling, I’ve probably acquired at least half of it already. So he sometimes gives me records for free, the ones which are bit scratched or if the cover is in bad shape, like this one. Water somehow got into one of his boxes of records and completely stuffed it, the actual LP is in mint condition.

If the cover was mint too he would probably sell this for $100. The record came with a booklet with the lyrics and drawings by Klaus Voorman (he did the artwork for Revolver), which is still in good enough nick. The record itself has all four Beatles playing on it, with I’m the Greatest featuring three of them, so rumours abounded at the time of a reunion. Marc Bolan, Harry Nilsson, Jim Keltner and Paul and Linda McCartney all play on this along with John and George. This is probably Ringo’s best record, sounds like everyone was having a blast recording it.

Album Count 2017: 49

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