A Few New Music Purchases

The CDs and downloads are piling up, so it is time to blog about them, then file them away in the CD shelf of goodness.

DJ Honda, HII – I have been wanting to check out DJ Honda for some time, so when I came across this CD at a very decent price of 280 yen (two and a bit cans of Coke) at Book Off recently I snapped it up. Not too shabby, but not as good as I was hoping. Might listen to it again some day. The cover is covered in an actual piece of metal.

Unsound – I was researching the Punk-O-Rama series and found that after the final CD was released (Punk-O-Rama Vol. 10) the record label released what was supposed to be a new series called “Unsound” in 2006. There are one or two bands that regularly featured in the Punk-O-Rama volumes, but most are new bands, and are a mixture of post-hardcore and rock bands. There is also a DVD with music videos on it (not watched it yet). Not bad, but Punk-O-Rama was better.

The Jam, Setting Sons – This is a 1979 release from the jammers, and jolly good stuff too.

Super Furry Animals, Rings Around The World – While I knew of their existence, I had never heard this band, so when I found it el cheapo at Book Off I had to purchase it straight away. Good stuff on first listen, but I will have to listen to it again before my final verdict.

The Divine Comedy, Regeneration – I got hooked onto this band a while ago, and have been slowly adding their albums to my collection. Good stuff, you just can’t go wrong with this band.

Fat Music Volume V, Live Fat Die Young – This is a compilation similar to Punk-O-Rama but released on a competing label. I have heard of some of the bands, but not all. Overall it is a good listen, but I think I prefer Punk-O-Rama.

Relapse Records, 25 Years Of Contamination – I downloaded a Relapse sampler release a while back and recently I decided to check out their Bandcamp page. I found this sampler with 194 songs for just US$5, so I thought that was pretty decent (0.025 cents per song). There is a lot of metal on it, but also some other stuff. A lot of it is good, but some not. Still, it was well worth the huge download, and five bucks.

Anaal Nathrakh, Desideratum – Another Bandcamp purchase here. Anaal Nathrakh are a British extremo-death-O-metal band that play jolly well fast. They are mostly a studio band, but do play live gigs on occasion. I haven’t listened to this, but their music doesn’t change much, so this will definitely be noisy and good.

I do have a few more to add, but it can wait for later.

Album count 2017: 55

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