Wilco: Summerteeth – I have often thought about getting into Wilco in the past and this $1 op-shop bargain has started my new fav band love affair. I now have two more Wilco releases, this one is from 1999 and is aces.

Tanya Donelly: Lovesongs For Underdogs – Picked this up for a $1, classic from way back.

Stevie Wonder: Hotter than July – Classic stuff from Stevie, featuring his birthday song to Martin Luther King and Master Blaster (Jammin’).

Crowded House: Afterglow – This is some deluxe re-issue I got out from the library, not had a decent listen, it’s a compilation of rarities and the like. Terrible cover artwork.

Cliff Richard and the Young Ones: Living Doll – Unfortunately this 12 inch is scratched beyond all hope but it’s worth it for the cover. The original version of the song was released in 1959 by Drifters (featuring Cliff Richard).

James: Pleased to Meet You – The man on the cover of this is a photo montage of all the members in the band, pretty cool. Tunes are alright too.

Pete Shelley: XL1 – This is a score, paid a pretty cheap price for Pete’s 18xx record, featuring the most excellent Homosapien dub mix. The last track on the record is a computer program! You have to pop the needle right while it starts and record the ensuring screeching sound, then plug that into your ZX Spectrum and hey presto, you have a program which featured lyrics and graphics which displayed in time with the music.

Prince: 4ever – Poor Prince and his medications.

Jackson Pollock: Jazz – This is a weird compilation from the MoMa gallery, oldie time Jazz with Jackson Pollack’s face on the cover. I guess he listened to this stuff when doing his splatter paintings? Top tunes to be had, bizarre ‘cash-in’ idea.

Stevie Wonder: Talking Book – Stevie’s top tune Superstition is on this excellent record, released in 1972 Stevie was right in his classic period. The cover and gatefold have braille printed into it. Go Stevie!

Divine Comedy: Secret History – I’ve been a fan of this band for a while now, but have only heard a handful of songs, so I thought it best to start really getting into them by getting a best of. This is from 1999 so there’s a lot more to listen too since this release.

Album Count 2017: 45

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