Get Outta Town

I am trying to get back into watching films on a regular basis again, but it is proving difficult, although I have been busy with other stuff recently. So, I randomly chose this 1960 B-grade film on YouTube a few days ago, described as an “obscure B potboiler” on IMDB.

The story involves an ex-criminal whose brother was murdered, and he wants to find out whodunnit so he can mess them up. The coppers are on his case though, hassling him and telling him to “get outta town, and don’t come back”. But, he perseveres and finds the mug that killed his bro, but doesn’t have to do the dirty work of killing him, instead the coppers do that for him as the mug runs at them with a heater.

“Hey copper, stop hasslin’ me man, I’m straight now!”. “No you ain’t, your type will never go straight. Get outta town, and if I see you again you are going straight to the joint!”

Pretty B-gradey stuff, with a bunch of unknown actors and cheaply made, but I found it to be watchable. More B-grade goodness tonight I think.

Date watched: May 26th
Score: 6/10
Film count 2017: 67

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