Robert Scott: Ends Run Together – This was released in 2010, I picked it up at a groovy record store in Wellington, it’s an ace record, Bob sings a bit differently on this, a bit more subdued, nice on the ears. Great cover art too.

Vampire Weekend: Contra – Second album from this New York band, and poppy stuff it is too. The girl on the cover ended up suing the band for using her photo without her permission, shot in 1983, the band found it on a photographer’s Flickr page.

Sky: Sky2 – This English/Australian band features John Williams (probably the best classical guitarist apparently), I thought it featured the other John ‘Star Wars’ Williams so that’s why I spent $4 at the record shop for it. I’ve not given this a spin, but it’s progressive instrumental rock from what I gather.

Mexican Pizza: Pepe Jaramillo – Got this for the name and the cover, have not giving it a spin as yet. Looks ace though.

Pete Seeger: John Henry – Everyone’s got to have a Pete Seeger record in their collection.

Wings: Red Rose Speedway – I picked this LP up for a couple of bucks, pretty ratty copy but worth a few spins, has the original booklet which is kind of a weird. My Love is the big tune on this.

Grandaddy: Last Place – New album from Grandaddy, and sounds excellent, it’s like they have not been away. Even though this is basically another Jason Lytle solo record (he writes and plays all the instruments, like the other Grandaddy albums) it’s top stuff.

Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home – Album number five from Bob, and a cracker it is too, side one is electric, side two is acoustic. The die-hard fans hated side one. What twats. so many famous songs on this, Mr Tambourine Man, Ma, I’m Only Bleeding, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Maggie’s Farm. Released in March 1965 he would release another record that year, Highway 61 Revisited, another classic.

Album Count 2017: 34

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