Mega Music round-up

I’m so behind in my albums etc so I will hopefully make a dent in it with these:

The Stud Soundtrack – Ana got me this LP in NZ, what with me being a stud why wouldn’t she? It’s a soundtrack to a movie of the same name. Not seen the movie, probably never will.

A Tribe Called Quest: We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service – This is blimmin’ excellent, released eight months after member Phife Dawg died (he came up with the title, the other band members are not sure what it means!), it is really quite excellent. The band recorded this in secret, and is definitely their last album.

Roberta Flack: Softly with These Songs: The Best of Roberta Flack – Can’t go past a bit of Roberta.

The Supremes: Collection 3 – More Supremes.

Lambarena: Bach to Africa – This is a mix of Bach and African rhythms, kinda cool.

Rolling Stones: Blue & Lonesome – This is pretty good, the Stones were recording some new material and it was coming out crappers, so they decided to run through a blues number, luckily it got recorded (the one take is what you hear on this), and away they went. Three days later they had enough for an album.

The Beautiful South: 7 inches singles – I picked up a couple Beautiful South 7 inches in NZ a while back, have always been mildly interested in hearing what they are like. Dated and pedestrian it turns out. But these come from a time when bands experiment on the B-sides, and the B-sides on these are not too shabby. These two singles came from their debut record way back in 1989.

Lush: Mad Love – A trip to Newcastle over Easter scored me this great EP from Lush, I’m pretty sure Jason owned this back in the day. Excellent stuff, they have reformed it seems, not heard any new stuff as yet.

Roxy Music: Avalon – My other Newcastle score, Roxy Music’s 1982 LP Avalon, thier last album, it’s pretty good stuff, I do prefer the early stuff with Brian Eno myself, this is a bit more ‘soft rock’ sounded. Great tunes on it though, the title track had an interesting gestation: Rhett Davies recounted the story of how the song got made: “With the ‘Avalon’ song we had to recut the entire song right at the end of the album. We were actually mixing the album, and the version of the song that we’d done just wasn’t working out, so as we were mixing we recut the entire song with a completely different groove. We finished it off the last weekend we were mixing. We put some percussion on and some drums on, and then on the Sunday, in the quiet studio time they used to let local bands come in to do demos, Bryan and I popped out for a coffee, and we heard a girl singing in the studio next door. It was a Haitian band that had come in to do some demos, and Bryan and I just looked at each other and went ‘What a fantastic voice!’ That turned out to be Yanick Etienne, who sang all the high stuff on ‘Avalon’. She didn’t speak a word of English. Her boyfriend, who was the band’s manager, came in and translated. And then the next day we mixed it.”

Album Count 2017: 26

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