The Secret Life of Pets

Hana and I watched this today, on a very hot Sunday afternoon (it got up to 32 today, unusual for May).

It is what you would expect from the makers of Minions and Despicable Me, silly fun and some pretty mice CG, but nothing original.

Still, I liked it, but Hana was a bit more critical giving it 6 out of 10. There was plenty of frenetic action, and the occasional funny joke, some of which would have passed over most kid’s heads.

The biggest laugh for me came in the form of a seemingly snooty poodle that once it’s owner left the house switched the stereo system from classical music to a System of a Down song and proceeded to headbang. Being a SOAD fan I found this rather amusing.

The voice actors were all good and included Louis C.K., Dana Carvey, and Steve Coogan.

Good hot afternoon’s entertainment.

Date watched: May 21st
Score: 7/10
Film count 2017: 66

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