California City

California City is a town south west of Death Valley in the U.S.A., and is where this German-made indie film is set.

The story, although it is not really a story kind of film, follows a pest exterminator whose job it is to go around exterminating bugs mostly from swimming pools at houses that were abandoned during the housing crisis. He has trouble getting in contact with his employers due to poor cellphone coverage, and pines for his girlfriend who left him. That is the whole of it really.

It was filmed in what looks like complete suburbs of empty homes, many only half built. There are also people playing themselves in the film including a dude who is making a video he needs to submit about himself as part of his application to get into the Mars One program (read about it, it is quite nutty). There is another guy who goes around with a metal detector looking for stuff to sell. And there is a real estate agent whose job it is to check in on the empty houses, and whose own home was foreclosed, with part of the film looking through his abandoned home as he tells the story about it.

Without much of a story, and the bleak landscapes it sounds a bit dull, which I suppose most people would find it to be, but I for one quite liked it. The story it told and showed of the housing crisis was eye-opening, and seeing the real people living there doing their slightly nutty things made it something different.

Watch the trailer at least.

Date watched: May 4th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2017: 63

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