El Viaje Del Acordeon

I have been concentrating on The Walking Dead on Amazon Prime recently, as well as catching up on various YouTube channels I follow, so I have not had time for films. So last night I decided to watch something on Mubi, and found this Colombian documentary.

It follows three Colombian musicians, as they try to win a big event called the Vallenato Legend Festival. They had been trying for sixteen years to win it, but despite getting to the semi-finals plenty of times, never made it. They had won other festivals all over the country, and were much loved by the public.

The German company that makes the accordion that one of the musicians uses invited them to Germany to play in a concert that the company runs, so off they went. It was amusing to see them play with snow for the first time in a field, with one saying “there is enough snow here for 20 or 30 slushy vendors”!

Overall, it was a good watch, mostly because the musicians were fun guys, and they are very talented musicians. The music was good too, even the German accordion orchestra which I didn’t expect to be very interesting was quite good. The three players though were very impressive.

Good stuff.

Date watched: April 29th
Score: 8/10
Film count 2017: 62

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