Big Audio Dynamite discography

BAD – I had to listen to all the BAD albums, being a fave band.

This is Big Audio Dynamite – Probably my favourite BAD album (actually, it’s a tie, Megatop Phoenix is great too), this still sounds great and is the first band’s most well known album with cracking good tunes, I have the deluxe edition which has all the remixes and some unreleased tunes but all you need are these eight songs.

No 10, Upping St – Joe Strummer co-wrote most of the tunes on this, and corker’s they all are too. C’Mon Every Beatbox sounds great turned up loud.

Tighten Up Vol. 88 – Paul Simonon provides the cover artwork on this homage to the Trojan Tighten Up reggae series compilations, not quite hitting the mark with its party feel. Mick was gunning for top ten hits. I do play this record a lot though.

Megatop Phoenix – I totally thrashed this record back in the day and still love it, loads of samples from the Queen to Hitchcock to James Brown to George Formby to interviews with the band themselves. Absolute gold.

Kool-Aid – BAD II first limited edition release, I found this on tape at Echo Records so was pretty pleased to get it, pity it’s kind of crap. Innocent Child appears here (and on The Globe), the worst BAD song ever and probably in the top 100 of all time worst songs. There are some good tunes on here, it’s very loose sounding too, a long version of Rush complete with Mick singing terribly on purpose is amusing. Look at the outfits on that cover!

The Globe – Mick finally gets his top ten with the rollicking Rush, another party record with some good tunes but nothing like BAD I. And that horrid Innocent Child turns up again.

Higher Power – This is the sound of Mick not caring now he made the big time. Still, there is some catchy stuff on here but a bit pants. He changed the name of the band to Big Audio for this outing.

F-Punk – Back to the Big Audio Dynamite name and a bit better all round. The cover is a pastiche of London Calling which was a pastiche of an Elvis Presley record.

No cover for this record so here’s Mick with boofy hair.

Entering a New Ride – After a disagreement with their record label this was left unreleased until the band popped it up on their website for free, so one of the first internet only distributed albums. Not much else about it is memorable.

There have been a couple  of live albums released too, which are worth a listen. I even managed to see the reformed BAD I live twice which was a treat. They debuted a new song at one of the gigs. It was terrible, so that might be it for Big Audio Dynamite.

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