I Won’t Come Back

Browsing through the list of films to watch on Mubi, I found this 2014 flick and chose it mostly because Mubi had it listed as an Estonian film. Actually, online it says it is a Kazakhstan, Russia, Estonia, Finland, and Belarus production.

The story mostly takes place in Russia, ending up in Kazakhstan. Here is the blurb for the film:

Anya, an aloof and love-spurned graduate student, is on the run from the police when she meets young Kristina, a precocious orphan determined to find the only family she has left. The pair embark on a harrowing and unpredictable odyssey hitchhiking across the intimidating terrain of Russia.

It is not exactly a happy film for the most part, although there are a few light moments, and the ending while uplifting was a bit syrupy. The dreary weather and bleak landscapes did not help much, but it was interesting to see the Russian countryside, life there looks quite harsh in places.

What made this film though was the superb natural acting from the two very young main actresses. There is very little on both of them on the interwebs, and this is the only film both of them have made. The younger actress in real life actually spent time in an orphanage when young.

Jolly good stuff, and it again proves that Russia makes excellent films.

Date watched: April 21st
Score: 8/10
Film count 2017: 60

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