CD Purchases in NZ

While I have been here in NZ, I have been scouring the very few sources left for new and used CDs. In fact, apart from the largest source of new music around these parts being The Warehouse, which also sells crap like low priced furniture, bargain basement clothing, books that no one buys, and cheap Chinese smartphones, there are only two places I know of that sell CDs: Galaxy Records and Pennylane.

I have bought a few CDs so far, but I have decided not to review them until I have listened to them, so this will take a few posts. So, here is what I have listened to so far:

The Definitive Lead Belly
If you buy two special priced CDs at the Warehouse you can get them for ten bucks, so I got this and a Kurt Cobain release together. This is a double CD containing “50 of his finest recordings on 2CDs”. It is a low quality mono recording, but Lead Belly don’t need no fancy recordin’ as his songs are pure gold.

The Fall, Ersatz GB
I bought this at Galaxy Records, an old haunt back in the day that is barely surviving in these days of Bieber and Spotify. The prices there were a bit rich for me actually, and there was not much to choose from. There is more vinyl in the shop that CDs, some of it priced quite nicely, but I don’t want to take vinyl back to Japan. So, out of loyalty for my fave old music shoppe, I bought this The Fall release from 2011 for $15. I must say thought that it is not them at their best, but it is still good enough.

Jane’s Addiction, The Great Escape Artist
I found this at The Warehouse in the bargain bin for $2.97, so snapped it up. As with The Fall, this is not their best, but $2.97 seems too cheap as it is still not too shabby. I guess those that frequent The Warehouse just don’t go for this kind of stuff.

There are many more CDs waiting to be listened to including Kurt, Muddy, Ferry, John, and Ting, plus a couple of super-cheapo jazz series compilations which I may buy more of.

Music count 2017: 26

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