A Fistful of Dynamite (aka Duck, You Sucker)

I have seen this before, at least twice I think (there is one review for it on this site), but I felt like watching it again because it is good fun.

Here is my review from my previous post:

I was so happy to find this one at the DVD rental place, I remember watching it a long time ago and thought it was great. Second time around it was just as good, maybe better because I had forgotten most of it.

It’s pretty hard to choose any one Sergio Leone movie as the best but this one is definitely right up there. Great acting, comedy, action, direction and story.

Same goes for this time around, although I forgot to mention the brillo soundtrack by Ennio Morricone. Rod Steiger was the star of this, absolutely bonkers brilliant, overshadowing James Coburn who was brillo too.

I rented this on DVD from what is most likely the best place on Earth for film rentals, “Alice In Videoland“. They are so great that they even have stuff on VHS, and a mini theatre showing only the best films.

Date watched: March 16th
Score: 9.5/10
Film count 2017: 48

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