Classic Rock Presents the Best of 2016 – This is another free CD attached to music magazine deal, Classic Rock magazine made by the Mojo people in fact. I’ve hardly heard of any of the bands on this, but it’s all very rocky.

Billy Joel: Glass Houses – This is from 1980 and is Billy’s seventh album (how long has he been around for?!), a more rocky record than previous efforts. That’s his house he’s heaving that rock through on the cover.

Bruce Springsteen: Chapter and Verse – This is the companion piece to Bruce’s autobiography, featuring Bruce’s big songs, the best thing about it though is it has 5 unreleased songs from Bruce’s young days.

Art Garfunkel: Breakaway – Album number two (released in 1975) and his most successful, Paul Simon turns up for one song so a bit of a reunion there.

Album Count 2017: 15


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