Uncut: Hustle and Stereotypes – Whenever I get in a plane to go travelling (to NZ for Christmas for this occasion) I buy music magazines to read reviews and read stories about bands. And to get the free compilation CDs, which are always worth a listen. These two have artists such as Kristin Hersh, Yo La Tengo, Can, Lambchop, Nick Cave and a bunch of bands I’ve never heard of.

Bob Dylan: Side Tracks – I picked this up new at JB’s, originally a Record Store Day release (, it’s 6 slabs of vinyl at only $5 a side! And being Bob every tune is a winner, containing tunes from his whole career, and not the most obvious ones so a good listen is to be had.

David Bowie: No Plan EP – This is a iTunes only release, four songs, three new ones released to coincide with the Lazurus stage show which David did the music for, the show is about him too I believe. Tops stuff, here’s hoping there will be more unreleased stuff on the way.

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Mardi Gras – Released in 1972 this was their last record, and probably not their best, even John Fogerty does not rate it. It’s alright though, but by this time the band members hated each other, same old story…

The Flaming Lips: Oczy Mlody – Studio album number 14, and touted as a return to the style of Yoshimi, but that is just lies as this is nothing like that record, this is more ambient and experimental, features the Lips new best friend Miley Cyrus.

Gregory Isaacs: The Ruler – This is a pretty good career spanning compilation of Gregory Isaacs’ reggae stylings. The tracks are pulled from a three multi-disc anthology of the same name, so we only get 14 tracks on this vinyl. But all good, it’s a great listen, Night Nurse did not make it on here unfortunately, top tune that one.

Album Count 2017: 11

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