Last records of last year

I’m finally up-to-date with my music for 2016, here are the last few LPs.


Bee Gees: Magic Sound – This is the Bee Gees before the Bee Gees became the Bee Gees. No high-pitched singing here, just bad folky/poppy 60s stuff, you wouldn’t even know it was the Bee Gees. Not magical.


The Animals: Animal Tracks – 18 Animals tracks, can’t go wrong there. Includes the excellent Sky Pilot, which was covered incredibly well by Peruvian rock group Traffic Sound a year after the originals release.


Herb Ellis/Ray Brown Sextet: Hot Tracks – This is some top Jazz from 1975, well worth a listen.


Buster Pickens: Poor Buster was murdered a couple of years after this came out, his only solo album, he was shot in a bar argument in Houston in 1964. It’s great stuff, he played piano with Lightin’ Hopkins among others.


The Shadows: Greatest Hits – Picked this up for 50 cents, can’t go past some Shadows for 50 cents.


Burt Bacharach: Burt Bacharach’s Great Hits – I popped this on this morning as Iris was awake by 6am, she didn’t seem to mind it, pretty cheesy stuff though, of it’s time that’s for sure but I did recognise most of the tunes.


Sizzlin’ 70s: Three disc extravaganza of 70s hits, some great stuff on here (Kate Bush, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Hot Chocolate, Steve Harley, Suzie Quatro, George Baker Selection, Gerry Rafferty and Glen Campbell) and some not-so-great stuff, mainly the Aussie bands like Australian Crawl and AC/DC (most overrated band ever). Still, 50 tunes to get through so if you ever hold a 70s party this is the record to spin.


Nana Mouskouri: White Rose of Athens – Ana’s Mum knows I have a soft spot for Nana so got me this LP for Christmas. Here’s Benny Hill as Nana:

Album Count 2016: 312

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