Recently, I have been getting into hardcore music again, so a few of my purchases lately have been of that variety.

The Offspring, Ignition album
I haven’t listened to this yet, but with The Offspring satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed.

My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade album
I found this cheap at one of my fave used CD haunts, so snapped it up as I like a bit of MCR.

Pennywise, Unknown Road album
Pennywise are a hardcore band that have been around since 1988, and they have been consistently releasing albums every few years. This is their second album, and it is good.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Acme album
I also found this cheapo. Unlistened to, but I am looking forward to it.

Nirvana, New Year’s Eve live album
This is a bootleg double CD of live recordings of gigs in 1988 and 1993, both of poor quality unfortunately. But, it was reasonably cheap, and I tend to buy anything Nirvana.

Fear Factory, Obsolete album
Fear Factory are a metal band that have been around since 1989, but I did not know their music at all. So, upon finding this for a very nice price, I decided to give it a go. And I like.

Punk-O-Rama, Volume 9 compilation
I have two Punk-O-Rama hardcore compilations, so I decided recently that I must get all of them. The first one was released in 1994, with the tenth and last being released in 2005. Listening to this series I discovered bands such as The Offspring, Pennywise, Bad Religion, NOFX, and Millencolin through these albums.

Blink 182, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket album
I have been wanting to get a Blink 182 album for a while, a band I had not really heard before. I listened to this today, and it is OK but nothing outstanding.

Music count 2017: 23

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