I watched this mostly because it has The Humph, although he was not the main character in this 1937 film.

Leslie Howard (read about him on Wikipedia, tragically killed during the war) starred as a math-whizz who is put in charge of finding out why a poverty row film studio is losing money. The Humph plays a producer who is trying to save the studio, but is being undermined by people who want it to go bust.

Joan Blondell, a name I have heard before, plays the love interest of Leslie’s character, and she is one of the highlights, along with Leslie and The Humph of course.

The script is quite funny at times, and is all in all an entertaining romp poking fun at Hollywood itself.

There was one funny scene where an angry mob of studio workers get their hands on a studio executive who was in on the conspiracy to bankrupt the studio. Several workers grab him and sending him flying over a concrete wall that must have been at least 4 m high, we didn’t actually see them throw him, but we saw a stuntman really fly!


According to Wikipedia this film made a profit of just $9,274 (US$156,000 in today’s money), which is kind of surprising.

The Humph at this time was not a leading man, and had his first success in film only a year earlier in The Petrified Forest, also starring Leslie Howard, as well as Bette Davis. The Humph played a gangster, which at the time he was typecast as in a few films including Angels With Dirty Faces. And I just realised that he is not on the MBMS Page Of Fame, which is a travesty, so he is now.

Date watched: March 3rd
Score: 8/10
Film count 2017: 44

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