Man On a String

This is a 1960 spy thriller based on the true story of Boris Morros, a Russian film producer who emigrated to America and became an FBI counterspy.

Unfortunately, this was rather dull and not particularly well made or acted, apart from Ernest Borgnine in the main role. It was narrated throughout by a chap who seemed to think this was a propaganda documentary, although this was very much a propaganda film.

It had a lot of footage of Moscow, particularly scenes taken around Red Square, and some shots of daily life. It made me wonder how they got it, obviously they didn’t go there and shoot it. There was also footage taken in East and West Berlin which was interesting (this was made in 1960, a year before the Berlin Wall was completed). In one scene Ernest asks a taxi driver for a ride over to West Berlin, the driver refuses, but the next one accepts… I didn’t realise it was that easy to cross the border(before the wall at least).

So in some ways this was interesting, but an actual documentary would be a lot better. Not even Ernest could save this one.

Date watched: March 2nd
Score: 4/10
Film count 2017: 43


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