The Limping Man

I chose this one on YouTube because it starred a young Lloyd Bridges (his filmography is very impressive), one of the highlights of the Airplane films.

The Limping Man is a 1953 British noir film about Lloyd’s character getting caught up in the assassination of an anonymous man after he gets off a flight from America (Lloyd’s character was standing next to him when he was shot by a sniper). After that the story follows him, his British ladyfriend, a theatre troupe (including a limping man), and Scotland Yard as they try find find out what the heck is going on.

The story was quite good really, at least until the last minute when all of this turned out to be a dream! As Lloyd’s character was about to land in England from America he wakes up just as he was about to be killed in his dream. He gets off the plane and we see that the passengers and crew were all of the people in his dream! What a cop out!

So apart from that silly ending it was a decent watch, and seeing early 1950’s England was interesting.

Date watched: February 24th
Score: 6/10 (needed a better ending)
Film count 2017: 41


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