Born to Run: Bruce Springsteen


This is a fun read, and a very easy read, 500 pages but almost 80 chapters, some chapters only being a couple of pages long. I do like a short chapter. This covers pretty everything about Bruce, he hates the moniker ‘The Boss’ – it is never used here, even though Bruce was certainly the Boss of the E Street band, if you were not up to scratch you were out, plus he makes it very clear he’s the leader of the band, what he says goes. They were not even allowed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame when he was, Bruce is very adamant he’s a solo artist, and the E Street band is his backing band. Poor E Street guys.

I was not so interested in him purchasing horses, and he does bang on about his Dad quite a bit, the best stuff for me is the details about the albums and the E Street band. He pops pills for depression quite a bit, his Dad being a manic depressive.

He writes in the book he wants the reader to experience what it’s like in his own mind, if that’s the case Bruce must shout a lot in his mind as there is a liberal use of CAPS LOCK throughout the book.

Top read though. There is an accompying album with this book, more on that later.

2017 read number: 2

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