Old EPs


Elvis Presley: Elvis Sings Wooden Heart EP – A number one hit for Elvis, and from the movie G.I. Blues. Based on a German folk song no less.


Little Pattie: Dance Puppet Dance – This is an EP from this Sydney singer, released in 1965, pretty forgettable stuff. Her first single was called ‘He’s My Blonde Headed, Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Boy’.


The Monkees: The Girl I Knew Somewhere – This song was the first Monkees song to be played by the Monkees! Released in March 1967, and is from their third album, Hindquarters.


The Monkees: Pleasant Valley Sunday – Classic Monkees song (written by someone else though), and probably my favourite Monkees song, not that I’ve heard the entire Monkees back catalogue. Anyway, good stuff, about a mental institution apparently.

Mike Post: Believe It or Not – That’s right, this is The Greatest American Hero theme tune, it certainly brings back some superb memories, I loved that show. William Katt who played the Greatest American Hero auditioned for the part of Luke Skywalker!

Album Count 2016: 303

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