Long Players


The Walker Brothers: Nite Flights – This is the sixth and last Walker Brothers album, released in 1978. Described as three mini solo albums as each ‘brother’ wrote and sung their own songs. The first four are by the most famous bro Scott Walker.


Stonewall Jackson: Best Of – Stonewall Jackson. Now that’s a name. American country singer, 84 years old now, he released his last record way back in 1983. Got this because of his name and cover artwork.


Bruce Springsteen: The River – Another Bruce classic, this was released in 1980 and is Bruce’s only double album. It features his first top ten single ‘Hungry Heart’, which got to number five, he originally wrote it for The Ramones but was talked into keeping it for himself. Bruce recorded quite a bit music during the sessions, which were all released in a 4 CD disc extravaganza a couple of years ago.


Bruce Springsteen: High Hopes – This is a cracking album from the Boss, from 2014 and featuring the quite distinctive guitar of Tom Morello (RATM picker). It’s mainly full of covers and re-imagined songs from his back catalogue. There is even a cover of Suicide’s great track, ‘Dream Baby Dream’.

Album Count 2016: 298

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