Vice Squad

I wanted to watch this 1953 film because I have never seen an Edward G. Robinson film before (he was in Soylent Green, but I don’t remember him).

He plays Barney Barnaby, a savvy and busy captain of the LAPD. As this is a police procedural, it mostly follows him as he works on minor cases, as well as the main story line involving a bank robbery.

In this photo he is on the blower in a scene where he is dealing with a chap convinced that “television pictures are all over me”, ruining his life. Barney Barnaby suggests he gets a witness, then recommends a doctor at the nutter’s clinic who would be an excellent choice. Nice one Barney Barnaby!


A young Lee Van Cleef plays one of the bank robbers, and is perfect for the role with his narrow and shifty eyes.


As far as police procedurals go, this one is pretty good, mostly because of Barney Barnaby. Some of the techniques he used in the story were questionable, such as extortion, coercion, or bluffing to get the job done, but that made it interesting.

Overall as a film it was very standard stuff, and quite low budget, but I enjoyed it.

Date watched: February 18th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2017: 38


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