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Ravi Shankar: Shankar Family & Friends – This was the second release from George Harrison’s own Dark Horse label, coming out in 1974 (it’s actually quite sought-after), George features as well as Ringo and Klaus Voorman (the dude who did the artwork for The Beatles Revolver LP) along with around 40 other people.


Joan Armatrading: The Key – This contains one of Joan’s more popular hits, Drop the Pilot, released in 1983 I’ve not really given it a decent listen. I always thought Joan was American, but she’s British. The cover has an actual key on it.


Paul Young: No Parlez – Another album from 1983, this was Paul’s debut, ‘Love of the Common People’ is one of the big tunes on here, as well as a cover of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’! Sold 900,000 copies on a release.


Bob Dylan: Desire – One of Dylan’s best and popular records this, released in 1976 it has two of his most well-known story songs, ‘Joey’ and ‘Hurricane’, which is one of my favourite Dylan songs. It’s about Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, the black boxer framed for murder (Denzel Washington portrayed him in the film of the same name). Isis is also another top tune.


Tom Tom Club: Tom Tom Club – Jason sent me this ace record a while back, and plenty of spins it’s been getting. I do remember it pretty well, and that cover is most excellent.

Album Count 2016: 289

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